Thodari review- Falls short


Thodari review- Falls short

Prabhu Solomon’s script is in a way for unique for Tamil audience due to its settings. The comic dialogue exchanges are good. Prabhu Solomon’s level of detailing backed by train service related research is impressive. The way the director envisions individual scenes and how it blends in the story seamlessly is well scripted. Director tries to be very logical, factual and research oriented in majority of the scenes (physics of jumping between carriages when train is cruising at 120kmph). However, In a few other scenes, director takes cinematic liberties as Dhanush fights single-handedly and overpowers a dozen bad guys on top of a fast-moving train.

The random infusions of duet songs and comedy portions often go overboard. Some dance routine during climax, comedy scenes in tense situations right in between gripping moments could have been avoided. Prabhu Solomon uses this opportunity to pick wide range of topics including media sensationalism, political satire, and language tensions during the narration.

Dhanush is at his casual best. Dhanush looks the part of a railway catering person. His confidence is supreme as he underplays his heroism. There are a number of scenes towards the end where you would expect Dhanush to display his heroics. Dhanush doesn’t take for granted making long jumps between coaches on top of a fast train. For most parts, Dhanush abides the laws of physics at the cost of his heroism. Dhanush’s comic dialogue and timing with Thambi Ramaiah is exceptional.

Due to Prabhu Solomon’s habit of forcing a tragedy ending keeps you guessing the fate of Dhanush and Keerthi until the very end. The movie for majority of the ride is thrilling and engaging. A few scenes where the commercial inclusions become overpowering. Otherwise, Thodari is a good family ride. Watchable!

Rating 3/5