Thirumanam Movie Review | Cheran, Sukanya, Umapathy Ramaiah, Kavya suresh

Thirumanam Movie Review

Filmmaker Cheran has always been acclaimed as one of the most commendable assets of Tamil cinema. While many filmmakers had imported the western genres of thrills and chills to impress the audiences, Cheran had always been inclined to nativities, where his story premises would deal with contemporary issues respectively. The essence of family and relationships are nicely depicted, which happens to be his USP. In addition, there would some twists and interesting turns with a soft touch that was completely witnessed even till his previous movie ‘JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai.’ In this Thirumanam Movie Review, let us have a look on how far Cheran has impressed the audiences.

The film revolves around young couple Mahesh (Umapathy Ramaiah), a RJ and Aadhira (Kavya Suresh), his ardent fan who fall in love with each other after being acquainted through social media contact. They don’t have any resentment from their families. Mahesh belongs to a Zamindar lineage and his elder sister (Sukanya) is always keen on celebrating the marriage ceremony in grandeur. In contrast, Aadhira’s elder brother (Cheran), a honest Income Tax officer doesn’t want such extravaganzas. The entire film is a journey from engagement to marriage, which has lots of confrontations due to such difference of opinions between these families.

As abovementioned, Cheran has always been a filmmaker, whose thoughts have always been on realistic grounds. He has tried conveying a message, which is a desperate need of hour. Significantly, this is a crisis that we often come across in our own families and neighborhood. Nonetheless, the biggest problem is the slow-paced dragging narration. Precisely, we had mentioned above that the filmmaker is known for offering some surprises through little twists and turns. In contrast, this one travels too plain till the end and lots of conversations make it look like a TV serial.

There is nothing to blame upon the actors. Cheran movies always possess good characters and this one isn’t an exception. Be it Umapathy, Kavya or the senior actors like Sukanya and MS Bhaskar, everyone have done a good job. The characterization of Cheran turns out to be artificial by the latter point of time. To establish his character as honest one, few scenes seem to be purposely inserted. For instance, the first ever meeting with boy’s family, where he brings MS Bhaskar’s non-Tax paying nature to Income Tax office is a funny touch.

Musical score by Siddarth Vipin is good, but with a slow paced dramatic narration, what else can he do. It all goes same with cinematography, where it doesn’t have much scope.

On the whole, Thirumanam has a good message by end, but a long stretched dramatic narration of almost 156 minutes turns out to be a disappointment. With every procedure from fixing marriage hall to bridegroom’s dress having a debate of 20 minutes between the characters, Cheran could have made a smart move of opting Thirumanam as a Web Series, which would have got a finest reach than as a movie now.