The most Expected ‪‎Kabali‬ Movie review is here !


The film that was most anticipated and waited over a year by millions of fans all round the world is finally out. The regular movie which we have seen Rajinikanth in past years has different kinds of films, but what kabali has something special for us,which as a collaboration with two film character young -old,which is something new and fresh we haven’t seen like

this before in which director Ranjith gains a huge applause from audience.this makes audience to sit at tip till the end but this increases the curiosity level as soon the movie goes on it slows down as the mass level shown on teaser hasn’t shown in whole film.

Kabali is about an aged reformed gangster Kabaleeswaran who had fought for the oppressed in Malaysia and returns from his jail after twenty five years. After 25 years,what are the secrets life has for him which as been clearly shot by ranjith mostly in malaysia.As it as large star cast director straightly gets in action without wasting any scences giving the mass opening of thalivar kabali releasing from jail.

Rajinikanth with a large cast ranith makes every character a important to story as well very scence having superstar along with them.Ranjith normal than showing the natural elements of gangster movie like gunshots,chasing,cut to cuts,low angles are shown less better to say like prohibited.this movie shows the emotional part in a life of gangster who struggled for people and prisoned for twenty five years.A Gangster may be powerful but may not be always.he is a father,he also lives with family,father for his children.He has face the up’s and down,bertryal’s,happiness,emotions which controlled or may be not.Ranjith plays with many emotional scences throughout the film i.e in the life of kabali which rajini comes out extraordinary making us to freeze for moment.Mainly flashback sciences for rajini tells a lot hard work done both by director and superstar.

Radhika Apte as Rajini’s wife Kumudavalli.Dhansika is effective in her action avatar. Kishore, Kalaiayarasan, John Vijay, Rhythvika and all the other supporting characters done their part well with superstar .On the technical side, Santhosh Narayanan’s score is a major plus to the film with the songs not being an unwanted distraction Maya Nadhi is melodious and brings out a matured affection. Murali’s camera captures the Superstar in his stylish best and Malaysia in their right mood for the story. Editor Praveen has ensured that the product is at its best of all time.. Anu Vardhan’s costumes of Rajini are classic, especially his suits. Ramalingam’s set designs and Anbariv’s action sequences reveal that the team has worked hard with the director’s vision.

Moreover Kabali is more of a Ranjith film than Rajini’s. Some of the scenes and characterizations do remind you of the director’s previous films.Ranjith compromise with the story and his character delevop but not for rajini.As a whole,best film to entertain and think what are we?lets see the film in name of kabali not in name of rajini ,which makes entertain were kabali is rajini not rajini is kabali…

Rating – 3/5