The Lion King (2019) Review


“Circle of Life.”

Which brings us to The LION KING Disney’s latest effort in its quest to remake many of its animated classics.

This particular “Circle of Life” has taken 25 years to complete its rotation, and now Simba, Mufasa are back again.

Young cub Simba is cast out of his homeland after his power-hungry uncle has Simba’s father, Mufasa What is new is this film’s striking CGI animation style. Director used  the same photo-realistic process used in his 2016 hit The Jungle Book

Unless you’ve memorized the original, it will likely be difficult to spot what was added to fill out those extra minutes. And maybe the visuals alone are enough to justify the remake. Because although this version is some 30 minutes longer than its predecessor, anyone looking for new story twists or, say, an inspiring backstory for the antelope that gets eaten will probably leave disappointed.

It’s all beautifully crafted and carefully conceived, without ever entirely justifying its existence. A few new songs increase the running time and chances of an Oscar, yet mean it sometimes drags before the lost prince returns to reclaim his throne. So, you might feel the love tonight, but perhaps not quite as much as before.