Kuttrame Thandanai review


Kuttrame Thandanai review

vidharth and pooja devaria work in a private bank and. both are living in apartment. aiswarya rajesh llive in the vidharth opposite house. he watch her house when he cross, that time vidharth suffer in eye problem. so he went to doctor and test his eyes the doctor say have to make surgery and the expense for the surgery is 3,20,000.vidharth worried about how to get money for his surgery and that time someone kill aiswarya rajesh.

frequently rahuman come to aiswarya house. death time also he is in the house so vidharth ask about it to him. rahuman ask help to vidharth and he say yes.police investigating the murder. vidharth meet rahuman and ask money for his surgery and he give what he expect.hospital use this time to ask more money from vidharth. so he get money from rahuman and one more guy he is also frequently come to her house.

he collect lakhs rupees and he got her vision or not? what is the reason for vidharth enter in aiwarya rajesh murder case?

who is the killer?these are the balance story.

hero vidharth got a natural character. and did his character very well. pooja act as a middle class girl and looking homely. aiswarya have a strong character and did her work perfectly.

rahuman spend more money to come out from the problem. naser support to vidharth and guru somamasundaram these people acting support to the movie.

manikandan direct this movie and it differ from kakamuttai. his cinematography is good. there are no songs background music support to the movie.

Rating: 3/5