Kidaari Movie Review


Kidaari Movie Review
Movie: Kidaari

Director: Prasath Murugesan

Cast: Sasikumar, Vela Ramamoorthy, Nikhila Vimal, Suja Varunee, Mu Ramasamy,

Now the trend in cinema is taking ghost related movies but sasikumar act in the same formula movie directed by prasath murugesan

vela ramamoorthy control the entire area sasikumar is the right hand of the one can touch vela ramamoorthy ut someone kill him. sasikumar finding who kill him there the story is starting.

sasikumar acting is good. who against to vela ramamoorthy sasikuramr finish their story. and he act confidently. the famous writer vela ramamoorthy performance is good. his body language and the dialogue delivery is appreciated. nikila love sasikumar and her many scenes looking like ananya in nadodikal.

entire movie more violence. more caste related points are mentioned like in 80s and 90s films. the story moves slowly and feel like when the interval will come.but the second part support the movie. nepoleon climax scenes are attract the audience. sasikumar movie is always like the same. he have to make some difference.

kathir cinematography is good. music director tharpuka siva background music only good songs are not that much.

sasikumar and ramamoorthy performance is good. nepoleon flashback scenes support to the movie.story moves slowly. so much of violence scenes and totally kidaari movie is like previous saikumar movies.

Rating (2.5/5)