K13 Movie Review | Arulnithi | ShraddhaSrinath

Movie Title



Barath Neelakantan

Star Cast

Arulnithi,Shraddha Srinath,Yogi Babu

Debutant director Bharath Neelakandan’s K13 is a smartly written slow burn mystery thriller. 

From the most celebrated novels of Stephen King that got adapted into movies like ‘Secret Window’ and other one ‘Misery’ that was remade in Tamil as ‘Julie Ganapathy’ by our late filmmaker Balu Mahendra, these films have always carried a deep psychological impact with thriller treatments. It looks like Barath Neelakantan has been partially inspired by these factors, Yes, these days, the arrival of short filmmakers into mainstream movies have been often portraying lead characters or one among the prominent roles as aspiring filmmakers. Over here, we find Arulnithi spending half the time lamenting on his pathetic moments while attempting becomes a director. On the other hand, we find Shraddha Srinath, who perfectly nails down the character of an obsessed writer. Both these actors deserve a special mention for giving soulful performance. It’s not an easy thing to watch a film with merely two characters throughout the show.

When it comes to narration, the first hour that comes approximately close to 55 minutes has more scenes without dialogues. The treatment is good although it might not bring in any conflicts even by the intermission. Apparently, the second half has some interesting and gripping drama and the shocking and surprising twist by climax is worthy of appreciations.  At the same time, few groups of audiences might not feel the characters to be complete, especially with Shraddha Srinath.  Although, it’s an intellectual thriller, these things might not go well with the major scale viewers.

On the technical part, each and everyone has done a colossal work. To be precise, Ruben’s editing is what it makes the major portions engaging. Guess what? Most of the film is set against the backdrops of a small apartment house, which has the same location. It’s only with crisp editing; it is possible to keep us intact. Aravinnd Singh’s cinematography too works out well. Sam CS has to work for the betterment in songs. We want something back like ‘Vikram Vedha’. Yes, his BGM is commendable in many places.

Overall, K 13 might have its commencement with slow pace, but it gains the momentum post-interval and manages to hold us engrossed.