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Filmmaker Vijay has been endeavouring with films based on different genres, which have considerably won decent receptions for him. It’s such an enthralling scenario to see that a filmmaker has tried flexing his best into different themes. Following his last outing ‘Devi’, which was a horror-comedy and proved to be a decent show, Vijay comes back attempting into different genre, this time with no nonsense comedy.

Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya, who are in relationship are seen at a hospital. We see both the families clashing and it’s fade out with a tagline – AFTER 5 YEARS. We see both of them getting married, but sooner; members in both the families are killed mysteriously.

Well, Vijay doesn’t want to drag audiences of contemporary times, who are pretty much brilliant these days in predicting a ‘Ghost’ movie. We see the mysterious girl character is the reason behind all murders. But then, it becomes so much predictable, where you can easily know what’s going to happen. From a filmmaker who is capable of making such incredibly best entertainers like Poi Solla Porom, which being remake still has its own classiness, Dhiya slightly turns out to be a disappointment.

Sai Pallavi gives her best into the show, where her emoting skills are so much extraordinary. It looks like the director wanted all his actors to maintain a simple graph of reacting to the situations. Henceforth, Sai Pallavi might have been seen subtle in few places. Naga Shourya has to improvise a lot, where he is seen with same styled performance for all situations. RJ Balaji makes us laugh out in few places, but his characterization looks completely outlandish and ridiculous in this so-called serious supernatural thriller. Nizhalgal Ravi, Santhana Bharathi and Rekha although appear in few scenes give their best.

Technically, it’s Nirav Shah who gives his heart and soul effort into the film. Watch out for the particular scene of doctor driving the car and the accident. It’s a genius shot that definitely deserves 10 times watchable to analyse how it could have been filmed. Editing by Anthony is yet another additional highlight to the film. The costumes are so natural and they look so much appropriate.

It becomes obvious that audiences have become so much used to horror movies and even the protagonists in certain horror-comedies have started ridiculing ghosts. This turns to be a major reason, why Dhiya remains mediocre in places. Even the screenplay is so much predictable that it doesn’t get us impressed. Before couple of years, we had seen a similar movie ‘Unakenna Venum Sollu’ and this movie faintly reminiscences of it.