Devarattam Movie Review | Gautam karthik | Manjima mohan | Muthaiah


Devarattam is a Tamil movie starring Gautham Karthik in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by M. Muthaiah, forming part of the crew.

Story: A family’ has 6 girl childrens but they like to give birth to a boy so they give birth to 7th baby that is Gautham Karthik at  the same time his sister also give birth to girl baby so she raise both the babies.

They plan to make him as a lawyer but he already fighting with the wrong doing persons in madurai at the time some group people teasing and taking pictures of girls in that situation a Girl slapped the person so the gang kidnapped the girl and raped her when hear this news how he fight with them that is 2nd half.


Before he acted as a loveable hero but here he played very well in action. Manjima Mohan as a cute village girl . Nivas music totally match with the village story and its admiringStory moving on the same direction if they add some family sentiment  it will be more interesting.

Totally Devarattam perfect village story.