Boomerang Movie Review | Atharvaa Murali | RJ Balaji | Megha Akash


Filmmaker Kannan had kick-started his directorial venture with breezy Rom-Coms and later shifted to a socio-commercial zone. It was so much evident with his previous movie Ivan Thanthiran. The film starring Gautham Karthik and Shraddha Srinath was highly appreciated for its theme and engaging narration. It looks like; the warm reception for this film had eventually prompted director Kannan to give a try on same paradigm. In this Boomerang Movie Review, let us have a look on how well Kannan has executed it.

The film opens on blatant call of seeking attention from the audiences. We see a brain dead patient’s mother (Suhasini Maniratnam) and disfigured Shiva, whose face had gone ghastly gory. With the face transplantation, Shiva (Atharvaa Murali) gains a new face and his life has transformed into heavenliness. The girl Megha Akash who rejected him for the mediocre looks is charmed by his new looks and falls for him. Everything is picture-perfect in his life until few strangers attempt to murder him. What’s more shocking is the fact revealed by Suhasini Mani Ratnam that the one who died wasn’t actually her son.

The running length of the film works out as major plus for the movie. The first half is so much engrossing and entertaining too as the film swifts towards intermission. However, the second hour looks slightly dragged though there is a lot of emotional content involved. The arrival of baddie by the last few minutes keeps the movie at average as the direct hero-villain conflict goes missing. Of course, the term ‘Boomerang’ is justified by the protagonist towards end. On the other hand, we have already come across the farmers, agricultural issues and crisis in  many movies. Well, this isn’t going to be something new except for the interlinking of river project. However, director Kannan could have projected it yet more convincingly.

Atharvaa Murali has done a wonderful performance and his screen presence is more enthralling than his erstwhile movies. The opening scene, where his terrorizing looks might literally leave everyone stunned. We are urged by curiosities if we can watch him in many more movies that are romantic and action packed roles. Naturally, he is capable of performing both these avatars effortlessly. Megha Akash looks too stereotypical with her performance and her character of ‘Loosu Ponnu’ could have been avoided. She has lots of potentials to perform and we believe she will definitely change her route soon. We miss Induja’s natural beautiful looks as in Meyaadha Maan, but her performance is flawless. Upen Patel arrives too late in time and we aren’t able to judge his acting in that minimal time. RJ Balaji gets a serious role than being a comedian. Satish tries to evoke humour in few places.

Cinematography by Prasanna Kumar is the greatest highlight and the composing of colours is at its best. Background scorer by Radhan is purely infectious though we find him possessed with AR Rahamania here and there.

On the whole, Boomerang has a promising first half that moves with fun, suspense and raciness. However, the repeated formulae of agricultural issues and the same dramatic events leave us little tedious.