Meet the ‘Lucifer’ who controls the ‘SAITHAN’

Mammon (Greed), Asmodeus (Lust), Leviathan (Envy) are some of the most powerful demons that can be heard in old sayings. Among all of them, Lucifer (Pride) controls all the other Demons. But even those demonic spirits are now leaving way in fear for the newly aroused ‘SAITHAN’ – Vijay Antony. The only Lucifer who can control the ‘SAITHAN’ is debutante Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy, and it will be witnessed by the arrival of ‘SAITHAN’ from November 17.
Being an ex Loyolite and a graduate in Direction, Pradeep Krishnamurthy has been perfectly shaped up from Director Vetrimaaran through the National Award winning film ‘Aadukalam’. It is to be noted that the vibrant Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy’s various Documentary films on the life of Weavers, Kodaikanal Suicide Rescue operators, Fishermen, etc., has received huge appreciations from Media Critics.
“Every great story requires a great actor who can justify it. Being an actor isn’t simply photocopying the expressions and dialogues given in the script, rather a life has to be given to that role. In that case, I was really stunned by seeing the perfomance of Demonic Vijay Antony sir… I have never seen a SAITHAN in my life, but while shooting for our film, I felt the presence of ‘SAITHAN’ through Vijay Antony sir…He is purely a ‘SAITHAN’ in acting….It is my pleasure to associate with him in my debut film itself…
We are pretty sure that our Audience will stick tight to the chairs in each and every scene… ‘SAITHAN’ may sound Demonic….., but it has another side too…JEYALAKSHMI!!….Get ready to see her from 17th November….” Conveys Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy in a husky tone
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