‘Dhayam’ teaser exceeds One Lakh View counts


Normally People will have a general fear on Interview, but the Interview that is going to happen in the upcoming film ‘Dhayam’ is about to give something more than fear. Produced by ARS sunder under the banner ‘Future Film Factory International’ and Co-Produced by P.Thiru, the film ‘Dhayam’ is directed by debutante Kannan Rangaswamy (Artistry Short film Maker). The teaser of India’s first single room thriller ‘Dhayam’ was released by Vijay Seuthupathi on September 8th, 2016, and now the teaser is going Viral in Social Media leaving more than One Lakh Viewers on YouTube.

It is a must to say that the forty seconds teaser that starts with “Welcome to the Interview….” creates a panic situation in the minds of Audience. Touted to be the most anticipated thriller, ‘Dhayam’, is keeping on increasing the expectations of the Audience to its peak.