Arun Vijay is all smiles …why not when his most anticipated film “Kuttram 23” produced by Inder kumar of Redhan films has hit the bulls eye in terms of sheer quality.


Ok” I am indeed pleased. My friend Inder kumar wanted to produce a film for a very long time. I had been asking him to wait, until we hit on a right script and combo. Director Arivazhagan’s idea and execution had been a revelation and Inder is very happy with the outcome. We saw the final draft of this film movie and “Over joy” is the smallest term to express our happiness on this film with a big budget. My responsibility as the lead actor in the film and the ten months of hard work  is justified felt the producer. I  am confident Inder who has showed glimpses of a good producer while the production was in,  will extend his good deeds in the promotion and release too which will eventually happen before this year concludes…. ” says Arun Vijay with joy.