Uru Movie Review


Movie Title Uru

Director Vicky Anand

Star Cast Dhanshikaa, Kalaiyarasan, Mime Gopi

Now a days tamil cinema giving only dance, fight and songs but other than some directors try to give best movies. Director vicky aanand give the best movie that is uru.

kalaiarasan and thansika are husband and wife. his role is a writer. so he went a place for write his story with thansika. there a person wear mask and try to kill kalaiarasan. but that mask person can’t enter the house and why he try to kill kalaiarasan that is the story of uru.

some actors only like to act in different movies. upcoming actors selecting good stories and different roles like that kalaiarasan also selecting good stories athe kankal aithavan and now uru. this film also give the good name for kalaiarasan.

this film story is taken from the hollywood movie HUSH. director vicky didn’t hide that and he show the hollywood movie scenes. and that was a brilliant idea.

thansika is the strength of this movie. she understand the story and give her best in this film

kalaiarasan and thansika performance is excellent

technically there is no any minus in this film

pirasannan Cinematography and johan background music is excellent

background music is good and make the audience scary.

Totally uru making scary and everyone can see