Thadam Movie Review | Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, Yogi Babu | Magizh Thirumeni




Thadam Movie Review:

Filmmaker Magizh Thirumeni has carved a niche with his brilliant screenwriting and direction. It was very much evident with his previous movies like Thadayara Thaakka and Meagamaan. Following the former movie, this is his second collaboration with Arun Vijay. The film has created a good expectation with its scintillating visual promos, which claimed ‘Based on True Incidents’. In this Thadam Movie Review, let us have a look on how well this Mystery-Thriller works out.

The first highlighting point about the film is Magizh Thirumeni’s screenplay. As abovementioned, he has always been an extraordinary storyteller giving audiences a real edge-of-seat experience. Apparently, this one keeps you literally intact from the very beginning as both the characters of Arun Vijay – Ezhil, a construction company associate and Kavin, a smart burglar are show in parallel tracks. The filmmaker follows a pattern of establishing intensity by the first few minutes followed by some relaxing points and by the point of intermission, where the murder happens, we are kept in ‘Guessing’ mode till the end.

Yes, there could be little resentment from the audiences, who aren’t prepared to go through lidless moments. However, they’ll get dragged into the Crime Scene Investigation by the second hour.

When it comes down to performances, Arun Vijay has given an intense effort in all aspects. Especially to play a dual role where he would have clearly known that voice modulations and more differentiations in mannerisms and body languages aren’t possible, he has given a much elite league performance. Of course, he has always been best in stunts. Tanya Hope has very little prominence by the first hour, but it has cuteness written all over her portions. After getting through lots of pursuit, Vidya finally gets a substantial role to perform and she is sure to win everyone’s attention for her acting, especially by the final moments.

Bringing in the analytical part in narration, the second half really keeps us engaged. Although the flashbacks might seemingly look like hampering the screenplay, it bounces back to right momentum by last 25 mins.

The songs aren’t actually so much enjoyable, but Arun Raj throws up a heavy work in BGM, especially the Pre-interval and climax sequences get escalated due to his scintillating BGM. Magizh always ensures that cinematography happens to be a character in this film and it keeps upgrading the narrative substantiality in every aspect.

As on whole, THADAM as the title suggests keeps your brain astounded with clues, investigations and unlimited twists with a shocking truth by climax.