Sema Movie review -G V Prakash Kumar, Arthana Binu


cast: GV Prakash, Yogi Babu, Kovai Sarala, Mansoor Ali Khan, Sujatha

director: Valliganth

Valikanth makes his directorial debut with the film ‘Sema’ that features GV Prakash, Arthana, Jana, Mansoor Ali Khan, Sujatha and Kovai Sarala alongside Yogi Babu in the cast. Pasanga Pandiraj has written the script and produced  the film.

GV Prakash plays an ordinary happy-go-lucky youngster Kulandhai Velu in the backdrops of Trichy. He earns his livelihood by selling fruits and vegetables in the market. His mother has been struggling a lot to find him a bride. On a turn of events, he comes across a homely beautiful girl (Arthana) and both of them fall in love. Though reluctant at first, her parents (Mansoor Ali Khan and Kovai Sarala) yield their daughter for marriage. The film deals with the petty issues, misunderstandings and how they are resolved among the family members.

One thing that clearly gets registered throughout Sema is writing by director Pandiraj. The storyline might look outdated or perhaps, the ones borrowed from 80s, if it has to be mentioned in a stereotypical paradigm. But then, there is nothing to blame about it as ‘Drama’ genre revolving around family as it cannot get beyond this. Debutant Vallikanth has tried projecting the characterizations casually. Even the actors don’t have much to strain upon any particular scene. They give an effortless performance and that’s quite good. The highlighting trait is that GV Prakash is slowly getting into the zone of ‘Director’s Actor’. His initial phase of movies created a kind of resentment among certain groups, but post-Nachiyaar, his new dimensional approach to roles and scripts is slightly changing into a boy-to-next-door one. Arthana is beautifully shown with simplistic attires. Hope she continues to pick up similar roles that would get her a good position out here. Yogi Babu’s comedy pattern seems to be same and it works out too in few places. Mansoor Ali Khan, Kovai Sarala, Jana and others have done their roles with perfection. Sujatha Sivakumar is always befittingly perfect to the role of mother.

GV Prakash’s ‘Sandalee’ song is a melodious treat and has been captured esthetically by cinematographer Vivek Anand.

If we’re keenly looking into the analysis of Sema, the story is so simple and narrative style is predictable and feeble in few places. Had the script was made much more substantial with few more lively moments just final 10 minutes episode to climax, it would have been much better.