Kurangu Bommai to be remaked in telugu by GV prakash’s ‘Kuppathu Raja’ Producer


A good movie once released and has got very good response from the audience will automatically develop wings of its own and fly to other languages as well. ‘Kurangu Bommai ‘ which was enjoyed and lapped up by the Tamil audience and Tamil critics in a big way for it’s interesting story and brilliant story telling by it’s director Nithilan, is all set to be made in Telugu. The company ‘S Focuss’ (currently producing GV Prakash starrer ‘Kuppathu Raja’) which believes in giving strong content commercial movies has bagged the Telugu rights of ‘Kurangu Bommai’. This once again proves the universal appeal the ‘Kurangu Bommai’ script has. “S focuss as a company is determined enough to support good films and talented technicians. The richness of any state reflects also in the creative side. Nithilan is a creative treasure and so is the film.Good cinema has no linguistic barriers as it is basically a visual content. We are confident that the Telugu trade circles and as well as the Telugu audience will give immense support. ” Summed up producer M Saravanan of S Focuss.