Kee Movie Review | Jiiva | Nikki Galrani





Star Cast

Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Padmasoorya

Jeeva as college student. He know hacking so he helps his friends for do some small hackings. One day he try to attract the girls in the club using hacking there he met Anaika Soti he is a journalist. He found some mystery road accidents and also the reason fo the accident is hacking. So he try to become close with Jeeva to collect the more informations about the accidents. Then Jeeva agree to help him when he check about that he found some big network working behind him. Jeeva finally found  the main hacker and also he found he helped him in the beginning for hacking. In between jeeva and Nikki Galrani love each other in college. Finally how he tackle the situation? What is the connection between the accidents and the hackers? What happened behind? That is other half.


As a student, hacker and in action jeeva did well. We can see a different Nikki Galraniand her performance likeable R J Balali as a comedian and make audience smile and Anaika Soti took important role Kointha surya as villain.

director kaalies try to tell what will happen when we do small mistakes in social media. And tell about hacking the story is good but its moving different way . He try to give sentiment but that is not workout other wise key is a key