Kayamkulam Kochunni Movie Review | Nivin Pauly | Mohanlal |Priya Anand


Kayamkulam Kochunni, a Robin Hood thief, has a very special place in Malayalam community. He was immortalized in comic books. The story of a boy who aspires to escape the clutches of poverty and the shame of being a thief’s son. He runs away to a nearby village, meets a Brahmin, who  feeds him kindly  and then gets him a job at his friend’s shop. The boy grows up to be a gentle and kind person. He makes an honest living but never really gets accepted into society because he was son of a thief, who can go rogue at any moment.

His determination finally cracks and he decides to meet the expectations of the society: He becomes a thief. But, one who robs the rich and feeds the poor. Through the course of his journey as an outlaw, he grows into a hero for the downtrodden. But he ends up in jail and dies in there while repenting his actions.

The film is essentially about the transformation of Kochunni from a youth with a heart of gold to a tough robber, with amazing scope for action. It is a treat to watch as Nivin Pauly conveys the varying emotions in a superb manner. In a role which is quite different from what he has done until now, Nivin shines spectacularly well. Priya  Anand has a limited role to play. Babu Antony and Sunny Wayne are impressive. And then there is Mohanlal, did a perfect cameo. His presence  and his character has been so well presented to raise the audience at their peak levels for getting into the film Quite a few actors do well despite their shorter roles, actors such as Manikandan, MS Bhaskar, actor Jude Anthony Joseph seems to have a gift for comedy.

There are undoubtedly exaggerated stunts in the movie which  might works in cinema. Kayamkulam Kochunni technically works for  ticket costs. Rosshan recreated history in his way of storytelling which works not only malayalam people but  for  all the cinema lovers.