Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Review | Harish Kalyan , Shilpa Manjunath

Titled Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum, the film stars Harish Kalyan and Shilpa Manjunath in the lead roles. The movie, which is produced by Madhav Media has a supporting cast that includes Ma Ka Pa Anand and Bala Saravanan.

Much prior to the film’s release, we could sense few tints of irrelevant assumptions. Blame the Ladakh, thick bearded Harish Kalyan and the break-up quotients that faintly reminded of Arjun Reddy. On the other hand, we could blindly have a gut feeling that IRIR is going to be a tragic love story too. Well, these are the hardest truths about assumptions that we always carry during the pre-release phase. Naturally, it exists and travels with the same ambient feeling till the pre-climax moments too. At places, we tend to feel if its revisiting the same deplorable love story of Amara Kaaviyam. Well, Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Review brings you a much clear analysis of what this film is all about.

Gautham and Tara have been poles apart and they have lots of differences. She is already fixed up to marry someone and is almost nearing her marriage and she’s in madly love with this chap too. What unfolds as dramatic incidences between these two characters is the entire film all about.

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Firstly, the performances of star-cast have to be emphasized as it stands out to be a major attraction. Be it Harish Kalyan, Shilpa Manjunath or Ma Ka Pa Anand, we tend to see that they have done a remarkable performances. Especially, Harish Kalyan’s transformation from a chocolate boy to next door in Pyaar Prema Kadhal to this rugged angry young man is something literally amazing. He isn’t just talented, but has a beautiful screen presence that will definitely make him a star ahead. Shilpa Manjunath is a rare pick, where she might not be the beautiful girl in the block, but her characterization gets her adorned. Apparently, both of them score brownie points by the intermission and climax sequences. The flashback sequences involving the painful separation of the protagonist and what turned this good hearted Teetotaler in an impulsive angry man has been very well etched by Ranjit Jeyakodi. Ma Ka Pa Anand has accomplished with a new dimension in this film, where he gives an impression that 5 films with strong recognizable characterizations and he will surely achieve a greater stature in the industry. Bala Saravanan has done a good job here and it’s both him and Ma Ka Pa who carry the film engrossing the first half. The second hour gets slightly bored due to the repeated fights between the lead characters. Ranjit could have either trimmed the second hour or added up some fresh scenes, but things get back in momentum by pre-climax.

Background score speaks a lot for Sam CS and the songs are commendable too. Kavin’s cinematography is top-notch and he is sure to become a Pan-Indian favourite in the near future.

Sparring few slight sluggish moments, Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum will appeal to the interests of youth groups and of course, even the family audiences too can have a look as well.