Ippadai Vellum Movie Review


Ippadai Vellum movie cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan, Raadhika, Soori, Daniel Balaji, R. K. Suresh
Ippadai Vellum movie director: Gaurav Narayanan

As you happen to the film halfway, you would clearly get to understand the intention of Udhayanidhi Stalin and Gaurav Narayanan. Udhay wanted something to do with the balance of thriller and humour, which he would have believed that will win him laurels. But in the name of commercial entertainer, Ippadai Vellum gets stuck in many occasions, thereby giving a predominant doubt whether it’s a humour and thriller movie.

A terrorist is planning to devastate the entire Chennai with multiple blasts. An innocent guy is stealthily planning for marriage with his girlfriend on her insistence. A dubbing artist, who has chiselled a money lender is waiting for his pregnant wife to reach his place for medical treatment. All these characters are in different places and their tales get interlaced on an unexpected situation leading to series of twists and turns.

Director Gaurav Narayan applies his hyperactive nature to storytelling and even editing along with cinematography. We can sense his aggressive nature in attempting to try something different, which is so much blatant and amateurish. Udhayanidhi Stalin doesn’t get a proper character sketch and even Manjima Mohan is seen for namesake in the film. Just in order to link her with the script, we find her as young sister of RK Suresh, who is a police officer. Sooner, we find him as a cop with dim-witted funny cops. Soori doesn’t get much scope to perform on the hilarious platform.

The film might cater to tastes of single screen audiences, who would prefer watching this film in case of real boredom.