Embiran Movie Review | Rejith Menon | Radhika Preethi


Casts : Rejith Menon, Radhika Preeti, Mouli, Kalyani Natrajan, Kishore Dev, Manish. Written & Directed by Krishna Pandi, Cinematography : M.Pugazhenthi, Music : Prasanna B

The story is based on a doctor (Rejith Menon) who is always dreamed a girl (Preethi) and her grand father(Moulee) so he try to find who is her but other side she love him. In a sudden accident her grandfather died and she went unconcious so then he found in his dream he dreamed her and what happened next that was the balance story.


It was a different love story but the director didn’t change anything and the story moving based on five peoples. Radhika Preethi act very well and that was a plus in the movie. Renjith Memon Tamil words mixed with Malayalam


It was a debut movie for Radhika Preethi but she did well and in second half she act her patient part very well. Moulee and Radhika Preethi relationship were perfectly matched for the story and his act well. There is no villain and comedy that was a big minus and boring. The story is good if the director add some interesting scenes and songs but finally the Emberan was a 2 hours beautiful love story.