Dha Dha 87 Movie Review | Charuhassan | Janagaraj | Saroja | Vijay Sri G


Direction: Vijay Sri G

Production: Kalai Cinemas
Cast: Charuhasan, Saroja, Janagaraj, KPY Anand Kumar & Sri Pallavi
Music: Leander Lee Marty
Cinematography: Raja Pandi
Editor: Sri Vatsan

n the history of Tamil cinema this is the fist time 87 year old man lead the role. Saruhassan acted in this movie. But he is not the hero. Based on him the tittle fixed. but the story not based on him. The story is based on north madras boy and a girl love story.

Already there are so many movies came based on north madras. This story is totally different from them. And also we can say in Tamil cinema there is no love story like this.

The story is a jolly type boy who is enjoying his life Aanand pandi. In his area a new girl arrive for live Sri Pallavi. After seeing her Aanand pandi fell for her and tell his love but she didn’t accept after a while she accept his love. But aaanad pandi say no. what is the reason that is the balance story of the movie.

This story based on lovers but why they have the tittle dha aha 87 that dint know. And the dhadha character didn’t do anything in this movie and 20 minutes only Saru Hassan appeared in the screen.

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Aanad pandi talking too much in this movie. Sree Pallavi bravely took the character which is others hesitate to take. Vijay Sree took the sub inspector character. Paalasigh, manimaran took the political character. Politician fight scenes no need for this movie.Janakaraj act as a heroine father.The tittle of the film is different from the story (not match).

there is no continuity in the movie. If the team did it properly the movie will get a good place in Tamil cinema.Transgenders Also human being and respect their feeling for this message only we can wish the director.