Devi 2 Movie Review | Prabhudeva | Tamannaah


Last year, turned out to be a much disappointing phase for Tamil cinema in terms of sequels, where the most celebrated Endhiran, Vishwaroopam and Saamy failed to recreate the magic. With the season still continuing with many arrivals, Prabhu Deva-Tamannaah starrer ‘Devi’ (2016) has its sequel ‘Devi 2’ hitting screens today. The film  has the lead actors reprising the same roles with the additional inclusion of Kovai Sarala. What follows up as a sequel has Prabhu Deva being possessed with two spirits and his wife Tamannaah has to make sure that he is fine and retrieved.

Despites giving many flops across the row, director Vijay have managed to have particular group of audiences opting his movies. These are the ones, who are least bothered about what the content is, but to sit back and watch a mindless movie. Yes, Vijay is always blessed with a bunch of technicians, who have been the alchemists of turning even a garbage into good product. In addition, the backdrops of Mauritius might turn up as a refreshing thing. RJ Balaji and Sonu Sood reprise the roles from the first part, but they are merely here with the extended cameos. When we say Vijay movies have good technicians, this involves music directors as well for the songs will somehow impress the audiences. In contrast, Sam CS doesn’t bring you any amusements. Kovai Sarala is seen in a repeated role and she doesn’t offer anything new and it’s really difficult for us to laugh out for her comedy scenes.

On the whole, Devi 2 struggles and suffers a lot and stands nowhere close to its prequel, which was the last final decent outing we saw from director Vijay.