Aramm Movie Review | Nayanthara, Ghibran, Ruben


Director Gopi makes his debut directorial with the film ‘Aramm’, who was earlier in fame for the controversial issue of AR Murugadoss’ Kaththi. This film is a thriller that holds a strong plot that goes interlaced with some important issues in the villages.

Nayantara is seen as a district collector, who is now questioned by higher official with suspense order on trail. The reason dates to flashback mode with a particular incident that happened in just one day of her career that changed the entire course of her life.

Instead of saying Gopi as a filmmaker, we can credit him as the finest writer of current times. We hope that he continues to write more scripts than making films. He would definitely bring a good status to Tamil cinema with his top-notch writing proficiency. Be it the characterization of Nayantara or the smallest one you see as supporting actors, they are depicted with perfection. There is nothing called sluggishness anywhere in the film. The initial moments of the story establishes the beautiful life of a poor family, which gives an impression of watching a Malayalam movie. The story slightly commutes from drama to thriller mode; especially the second half gets loaded with intense gripping moments.

Ghibran establishes a huge domain with his background score. The songs although appear as montages doesn’t gain our attention. Om Prakash suitably offers the best visuals through his lines, which are so natural. Thanks to Om Prakash for not preferring the artificial treatment of tones and grading. Ruben could have given a better editing.

There are few sequences in the film, which travels away from the premise. Although the scenes like Nayantara being offered with drinking water and applauded by villagers, the discussions in TV channel are sensible, they aren’t appropriate with the situation here.

But overall, Aramm is a must watch film for a sensational plot and gripping narration.