Agni Devi Movie Review | Bobby Simha | Madhubala | Ramya Nambeesan | Sathish


Agni Devi is a political thriller film written and directed by JPR and Sham Surya. Produced by JPR and Stalin under Seantoa Studios and Jai Films Production, the cast includes Bobby Simha, Madhu Bala, Sathish, Ramya Nambisan and others.

 Bobby Simha act as a police, his friend Sathish and Ramya Nambeesan was his fiancee She inviting her friend to take bobby Simha interview but she didn’t come at the time so Bobby Simha say no to the interview and at the same time the girl was died so they arrest her boy friend but it was proved he is not the killer then they found the boy who killed the girl and also like the same some other murder also happened by little boys so here bobby Simha found behind the murder politician Madhubala involved.

why Madhubala did this? And how Bobby Simha faced this? Was the second half. Bobby Simha act as a IPS officer as usual his performance was good. Madhubala act as a politician and her character showing some real politician and she did too much act that was more. Sathees traveling with Bobby Simha and did his work as a comedian.  MS Bhaskar, Livingston and boss Venkat were supporting characters and did their work perfectly. Ramya Nambeesan coming only in 2 scenes.


Crime writer Rajesh Kumar novel and some real stories based to they took the movie like Swathi murder. The movie was very interesting like his the novel.  the story telling how a  simple incident affecting and changing many peoples life. Actors and actresses over acting was a minus to the movie but the scenes, songs and love were good to see in screen. Jana’s choreography and Jakesbejoy music were making the scenes thrilling.

Totally Agni Devi slow…..